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Artichauts et encornets, jus barigoule

Macaronis aux truffes et foie gras

Poires fondantes et caramel salé

Soufflé à la Chartreuse verte


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Ouvert du Mardi au Samedi




I was born in the countryside outside Marseille and I can?t deny the influence of this landscape, the scent of the wild herbs and the spirit of the south. The anise scent of fennel, the sun-soaked vegetables, the iodized strength of sea urchin, the delicate taste of red mullet: all of these memories of childhood have never left me, such as duck with olives, bouillabaisse, my grandmothers? mixed vegetables, the richness of risottos, the beauty of saffron, the strength of truffle, which I discovered thanks to my Italian wife?
Today I create Mediterranean cooking that is chic but not sophisticated, food that is cooked over the stove. A favourite dish that has become a signature is the Macaroni with black truffles and foie gras, a dish that combines the influence of Ducasse and my personal experiences; Fennel royale with sea urchins for those who love Marseille; Veal sweetbreads with lemon caviar, a contrast that creates a dialogue between flavours. Among the harmonious desserts are a Chestnut and mandarin seasonal velouté that plays on the textures of candied fruits and a not too sweet, slightly bitter marmalade: Vanilla ice cream with tonka bean sabayon that will awaken dreams of childhood in everyone; and Green chartreuse soufflé, yoghurt sorbet, another signature dish.

Flavours do not mix, they cohabit harmoniously, and what appears arid, dry and concentrated reveals generosity and kindness to curious spirits and palates.